ISRS 2016

Indonesia Student Research and Summit 2016 (ISRS 2016) is an annual event held by Student Scientific Society University of Indonesia (KSM Eka Prasetya UI). It provides researches and investigations about current issues in Indonesia. It will bring information, analysis, and recommendation from multidimensional concept that elaborates concerted action from economic, technology, science, social, and culture sectors to solve these problems and brings positive advancement in national development.

This year we proudly present Indonesia student Research and Summit 2016 which consist of Research Camp, Scientific Paper Competition, Grand National Seminar, and Grand Launching of Research Journal.


What Is ISRS?


“Indonesia’s Economic Development Masterplan: Enhancing Sustainable Development Role in Global Economy Poses”

Darmin Nasution, the Chief Economics Minister of Indonesia, said economic growth of Indonesia in the first quarter of 2016 may be somewhat curtailed as the (food) harvest season has shifted from March to April and May. The harvest season is important for the economy because it causes a multiplier effect. However, government-led infrastructure investment may still be able to push Indonesia's gross domestic product (GDP) growth higher in Q1-2016 compared with the 5.04 percent (y/y) growth of Q4-2015.

As the global economic outlook remains, the key for an acceleration of Indonesia's economic growth lies domestically, not globally. Besides government spending on infrastructure development (and encouraging the private sector to join investment in this field), the Indonesian government has been releasing a series of economic stimulus packages since September 2015.  Stronger public investment is expected to pull Indonesia’s economy out of a slowdown that persisted in 2015. The government has increased infrastructure funding and unveiled policy reforms to stimulate private investment to the economic growth.

Therefore, ISRS 2016 will explore the latest in figuring out the truest current issues about Indonesia’s Economic Development Masterplan through Enhancing Sustainable Development Role in Global Economy Poses.


Pre-Event Series

National Essay Competition

ISRS engage the university students from all over the country in Indonesia for gathering the fresh new ideas about Enhancing Sustainable Development Role in Global Economic Poses Through Environmental and Food Security by holding National Essay Competition. The 12 Finalists will  get award recognition by putting their paper in ISRS Journal Publishing

Research Camp

 This event facilitate the students from Scientific Study Club University of Indonesia to conduct research program by collaborating with Institutions of government agencies, professional practitioners, academia, research institution, and related organizations to the research topic. ISRS Research Camp will focus on implementation and assessment of the economic development and  food security conditions in Kabupaten Meranti, Riau. The result will be published nationally through our Research Journal

Community Development

Beside research program, ISRS facilitate students from Scientific Study Club University of Indonesia to develop the communities in research place during the research camp. The community development program will focus on encouraging on education of food waste processing.

Grand Launching ISRS Journal

ISRS Journal will be published and registered in the ISSN as the result of Research Camp and selected Scientific Paper Competition. This Journal will be published in the Grand National Seminar and will be spread to the entire academic community, professional practitioners, government agencies, scientific institution, media, and related organization in Indonesia.

Grand National Seminar

 ISRS Grand National Seminar will be held in University of Indonesia Assembly Hall. This seminar will be presented in two sessions and a keynote speech session.

“Indonesia’s Economic Development Masterplan: Enhancing Sustainable Development Role in Global Economy Poses”

Keynote Speaker : Darmin Nasution (Menteri Koordinator Bidang Perekonomian Republik Indonesia)

Sesi 1 : Advancing Indonesia Economic Development to Poses Strong in Global

  • Sri Mulyani (Menteri Keuangan Republik Indonesia)
  • Kartika Wirjoatmodjo ( CEO PT. Bank Mandiri (Persero), Tbk. )
  • Berly Martawardaya, M.Sc. (Institute for Development of Economics and Finance) Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis, Universitas Indonesia
  • Djoko Retnadi, S.E. M.Bus (Bkg & Fin), CWM (Managing Director at PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia)

Sesi 2 : Advancing Public Infrastructure Sectors to Strengthen Indonesia’s Economic Growth

  • Adityawarman (Direktur Utama - PT. Jasa Marga (Persero),
  • Hanggoro Budi Wiryawan (Direktur Utama - PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia Cina (KCIC) )
  • Sinthya Roesly (Direktur Utama – PT. Penjaminan Infrastruktur Indonesia (IIGF) )
  • Ir. Leonard VH. Tampubolon, MA. (Kepala Bappenas Bidang Ekonomi)
  • Mohammed Ali Berawi, M.Eng.Sc., Ph.D. (Direktur Eksekutif - Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Development (CSID), Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Indonesia.

Note : To be confirmed

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